WILMAVIA / Experience

The German aircraft companies Arado, Blohm & Voss, Dornier, Heinkel and Rohrbach were world-famous for its extraordinary seaplanes. Once the systematic work of the renowned Institut für Seeflugwesen (Institute for Marine Aviation), Hamburg, of the German Aviation Test Establishment (DVL) had settled the fundaments of success of these seaplanes.

Based on this invaluable experience in development, construction, testing and service of seaplanes WILMAVIA has updated this knowledge and skill during the last years, and has applied it successfully within diverse projects - some in overall charge - together with famed, even international partners.

WILMAVIA possesses important know-how within the following fields of marine aviation:
- hydromechanic optimization of seaplanes and WIG (Wing-in-Ground Effect Craft)
- materials and structures of seaplanes / WIGs considering particularly water loads and corrosion
- influences of wind and seastate
- questions of buoyancy and dynamic stability (on-water mode)
- special sensorics for seaplanes and WIGs
- optimization of sea and sea-emergency equipment of aircraft
- competitors’ and mission analyses and optimization for seaplanes / WIGs as well
- certification of seaplanes / WIGs incl. ditching for landplanes according to JAR and FAR
- conception, expert advice and certification of seaplane aerodromes
- conception of advanced aviation networks concerning coastal and archipelagic regions
- national and international contacts to related authorities and organisations